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Psychology Research at Vanderbilt

Research Assistants (RA)
Students are encouraged to get involved in research early, and freshmen and sophomores are welcome in labs as RAs. All positions provide training, and most positions require a year-long commitment. RAs typically receive course credit (via signing up for PSY 290, Directed Study) for their lab work. Paid positions are sometimes available and are typically listed on the “Hire-a-Dore” student employment website.

You can access a list of faculty and a brief description of their interests from our faculty contacts page. Find several faculty members whose work seems interesting to you, and email them to see if they have current lab openings.  Although this sometimes seems intimidating to students, don’t let it be.  

In addition to faculty whose primary appointments are in Psychology (A&S and Peabody), also check out  affiliated faculty in other departments, who can also supervise undergraduate research.


Honors Program
The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to gain more intensive experience conducting scientific research with a faculty mentor. Participation in the program affords students the chance to collaborate on cutting-edge research in their major area, and to gain research skills and experiences that are of considerable value not only in preparation for graduate training but also in a variety of work settings. A two-year program. Students apply in the spring of the sophomore year.





Social Sciences


Open to all students

Time Frame:

Academic Year and/or Summer




Consult with faculty member


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