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Anthropology at Vanderbilt



Spatial Analysis Research Laboratory (SARL)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) applications have become central analytical tools in anthropology. Whether analyzing archaeological settlement patterning at a regional scale, artifact scatters at the micro-scale, or the effects of space and distance in modern cultural interactions, GIS/RS provides a unique toolkit for representing and analyzing spatial and attribute data. Several Vanderbilt Anthropology faculty integrate GIS/RS as central components in their research.

Osteology Research Lab
Osteological lab facilities include the Osteology Research Lab, which houses the Arnold and Garnier skeletal collections from Tennessee, and the Osteology Teaching Lab, which houses medical human skeletons, monkey and ape skeletons, and other animal skeletons.

Genetic Anthropology Lab
The genetic anthropology lab includes a Pyrosequencing Facility, as well as general genetic anthropology lab equipment, for the purpose of extracting, amplifying, and sequencing DNA to answer questions of anthropological interest.


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