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Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience (SYBBURE)

The program's major aim is to enable Vanderbilt's exceptional undergraduate students to participate actively and purposefully in ongoing research projects. The donor's objective of increasing the number of undergraduates involved in scientific research dovetails with the educational mission of VIIBRE: to enhance the role of biophysics, biochemistry, and bioengineering in the educational programs of biology and medicine at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

SyBBURE Searle, in its broadest sense, gives students a larger view of the needs and consequences of interdisciplinary science. The program focuses on systems biology and bioengineering and provides students with training in specific research skills and participation in scientific research as early as possible in their academic careers. Students participate in interdisciplinary research, and gain experience working in teams and mentoring each other. The immediacy and relevance of interdisciplinary science rapidly engages the students. They learn to formulate problem-driven questions and participate in the development of new technology, much of which is based upon Biological MicroElectroMechanical Systems (BioMEMS) and nanodevices.


Vanderbilt University


Engineering, STEM


Open to Sophomores and Juniors

Time Frame:

Academic Year and Summer


$1000 stipend each semester, $4000 stipend for summer


No Credit

Application Deadline:

August and December


Dr. Kevin Seale


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