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Peabody Scholars Program

Peabody first-year undergraduates are encouraged to apply to the Peabody Scholars program. Each year a total of 15 Peabody first-year's are admitted to the program. Scholars are selected at the end of the fall semester on the basis of their high academic achievement in the fall (a grade point average of 3.6 or above) and the quality of their program application. 

All first-year Peabody Scholars enroll in a three credit hour seminar (HOD 1150: "Understanding the University") during the spring semester. In the sophomore year (spring semester), Scholars participate in a seminar for one credit hour that examines faculty-led research projects across the College. Peabody Scholars receive a $5,000 summer stipend (between sophomore and junior year) to support research, overseas study, or community service. In the junior year, Scholars engage in an independent research project (for credit) with a Peabody professor. The senior Capstone activities combine restaurant dining with attendance (monthly) at a variety of university-wide speakers' events and cultural programs on campus. In sum, the Peabody Scholars Program offers a rich array of intellectual opportunities and academic experiences. Please note: this is not a scholarship (general financial assistance/grant) program.


Vanderbilt University




First-year Peabody students

Time Frame:

Academic Year and Summer


$5000 summer stipend

Application Deadline:



Dr. Claire Smrekar


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