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Science & Engineering

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Name Description
Boren Scholarships

Intensive language study for undergraduates

science, undergrad, gradstds, summer, intern mandarin, ROTC, japanese, russian, japan, china, russia, africa, israel, portuguese, arabic, fall, spring, summer, STEM, undergraduate, Akan, Twi, Wolof, Zulu, French, Portuguese, Swahili,graduate, hindi, urdu, india
Churchill Foundation Scholarship

For graduate study in Math, Science, or Engineering.

Vanderbilt nomination required.

science, alum, postugrad math, science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, graduate, cambridge, UK, united, kingdom,
Fulbright Fellowships

For graduating seniors and graduate students. Applications are due around mid-September each year. Vanderbilt endorsement required for all currently enrolled students.

senior, gradstds, alum, postugrad, science english, graduate, medicine, science, education, study, graduate school, business, MBA, ireland, deaf, music, master, public, health, water, journalism, music, research, teaching, mexico, netherlands, ESL, australia, africa, nursing, medicine,
Goldwater Scholarship

Sophomores and Juniors in Science, Math and Engineering.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

undergrad, science, ugradresearch sophomore, junior, science, physics, math, engineering, biology, chemistry, civil, mechanical, biomedical, research
Marshall Scholarships

Graduate study in the UK.
Vanderbilt endorsement required.

postugrad, science, alum, gradstds united kingdom, graduate, study, research
Mitchell Scholarships

Study in Ireland.

science, alum, postugrad, gradstds ireland, study, senior, science, music, social science
Rhodes Scholarship

Graduate study at Oxford University.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

science, postugrad, gradstds, socsci oxford, graduate study, graduate, master