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AAAS: Science and Policy Program Internships

Internships for students interested in the field of science and security policy.

intern, science, grad, postugrad, ugradresearch science, technology, congress, ethics, religion, human rights, security policy, congress, writing, news, minority
Australia - Endeavour Scholarships for Graduate Study

Support graduate study in Australia. International students also eligible.


postugrad, gradstds graduate, australia, research, study
Austrian Teaching Assistantship Program

Teach ESL at secondary school level.

alum, gradstds, postugrad senior, alum, alumni, teaching, Austria, November, January, education, german
Autry Fellowship

For graduating seniors interested in economic and social justice in the South.

alum, service, senior, postugrad senior, alumni, South, social justice, service, community, leadership, February, summer, economic,
Carnegie Junior Fellowship

Carnegie Foundation research fellowship

sochum, postugrad, ugradresearch, socsci, humanities senior, research, September, October, nomination, international, government, russia, eurasia, energy, climate, asia, nuclear, policy,peace, Democracy, Middle East
CBYX - Germany Young Professionals Program

A full-year work-study scholarship program in Germany with a strong focus on cultural exchange.

undergrad, postugrad German, Germany, work, exchange, intern, internship
Center for Science, Technology and Congress

Science policy internship in Washington, D.C. for undergraduate and graduate students.

intern, science, grad, postugrad science, technology, internship, public, policy, social, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics
Charles B. Rangel Graduate Fellowship in International Affairs

Funds graduate study and entry into the Foreign Service

postugrad graduate, international, public, foreign service, financial need, minority, black, hispanic, study, professional,
Child Family Health International (CFHI)

Short term global health education programs around the world.

intern, gradstds, postugrad, undergrad, science india, south, africa, us, bolivia, ecuador, mexico, argentina, medicine, nursing, health, international, global
Churchill Foundation Scholarship

For graduate study in Math, Science, or Engineering.

Vanderbilt nomination required.

science, alum, postugrad math, science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, graduate, cambridge, UK, united, kingdom,
City Hall Fellows Program

Graduating seniors and recent graduates.

alum, postugrad san francisco, houston, texas, california, local, community, government,policy, city,
Civil Service Recent Graduates Program

Introduction to Civil Service careers.

postugrad, intern federal, government, washington, civil, service
Critical Language Summer Institutes

Summer language study.

intern, undergrad, alum, sochum, postugrad, gradstds language, study, undergrad, summer, alumni, Arabia, arabic, China, chinese, japanese, Japan, korean, Korea, persian, russian, Russia, turkish, Turkey, hindi, India, urdu, bengali, Bangladesh, Indonesia, indonesian
DAAD Germany

Study/research/intern in Germany.

undergrad, intern, gradstds, summer, postugrad research, science, engineering, summer, undergraduate, graduate, intern, study, german
DAAD Research in Science and Engineering

Summer research internships in science and engineering.

science, intern, gradstds, postugrad, ugradresearch, gradresearch science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, biomedical, mechanical, civil, industrial
Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

Social justice fellowship for graduating seniors.

postugrad poverty, hunger, social, service, intern, food, economic, development, advocacy, washington,
EMGIP - Germany

Short-term internship in German Parliament

intern, undergrad, postugrad german, germany, intern, work, International Relations, Public Administration, Political Science, Law, Economics, European Studies, parliament, may, january, summer
Endeavor Awards - Australia

For study and research in Australia.

undergrad, gradstds, postugrad
Fogarty Research Grants

Funding Opportunities for Predoctoral and Graduate Researchers

science, gradstds, postugrad science, graduate, research, biomedical, behavioral, fogarty
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

For graduate study leading to a career in academia.

minority, spgrp, gradstds, postugrad,
Foreign Affairs Internships

Foreign Service.

undergrad, intern, gradstds, postugrad state, economics, international, affairs, journalism, management, science, engineering, public, disease, visa, economic, environment, washington, embassy,
French Government Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships in France.

gradstds, alum, postugrad France, French, teaching, education, alum, gradstds, intern, January
Fulbright Fellowships

For graduating seniors and graduate students. Applications are due September 15 each year. Vanderbilt endorsement required for all currently enrolled students.

senior, gradstds, alum, postugrad, science english, graduate, medicine, science, education, study, graduate school, business, MBA, ireland, deaf, music, master, public, health, water, journalism, music, research, teaching, mexico, netherlands, ESL, australia, africa, nursing, medicine,
Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Funds graduate study at Cambridge University, UK

senior, sochum, postugrad graduate, cambridge, gates, scholarship
German Bundestag Parliamentary Scholarship

5 month study/work in German government.

postugrad german, germany, government, parliament, political, politics, international, alum
Global Health Corps Fellowship Program

Graduating seniors and recent graduates.

service, alum, postugrad global, health, summer, research, stanford, policy, international
Greenlining Leadership Academy

Public policy leadership development programs in California.

intern, gradstds, minority, postugrad law, summer, leader, research, advocacy, think, civil rights, minority, low-income,
Hertog Foundation

Political Science, Economics &  International Affairs


undergrad, postugrad political science, economics, international, foreign, war, philosophy, public affairs, washington, policy
Humanity in Action (HIA) Summer Fellowship

International conference on human rights and social justice.

intern, undergrad, summer, alum, postugrad minority, human rights, amsterdam, warsaw, paris, berlin, copenhagen, international, summer
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Opportunity for recent graduates with strong quantitative skills to train with faculty and senior researchers on a variety of global heath projects

service, senior, med, intern, postugrad, research math, research, internship, senior, public, health, global, MPH
Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

Teach English in Japan.

postugrad japan, teach, english, travel, abroad, japanese
Japan Student Services Organization

Scholarships for teaching, study and internships in Japan.

undergrad, gradstds, postugrad japan, japanese, study, summer, semester
John Lewis Fellowship

Human rights and Social Justice summer program

undergrad, postugrad atlanta, georgia, civil rights, democracy, minority, diversity, justice, restorative
Luce Scholars Program

Work and travel in Asia.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

alum, gradstds, postugrad alum, asia, japan, china, taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, thailand, india, work, intern, indonesia, bangladesh
Mabelle Arole Fellowship

For a graduating seniors who has been admitted to medical school.

postugrad, science medicine, india, research, health,
Marshall Scholarships

Graduate study in the UK.
Vanderbilt endorsement required.

postugrad, science, alum, gradstds united kingdom, graduate, study, research
Match CorpsTutoring Program

One-year urban education program.

postugrad tutor, education, math, teaching, urban, school, boston, lawrence, chicago,
Math for America Newton Fellowships

For aspiring math teachers.

science, alum, postugrad, alum, senior, math, teaching, teacher, education
Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellowship

Vanderbilt seniors only.

postugrad world, travel, senior, vanderbilt, independent, research
Michel David-Weill Scholarship

For graduate study at Sciences Po

postugrad sciences po, graduate school, study, senior, france, french, academic, master's, economics
Mitchell Scholarships

Study in Ireland.

science, alum, postugrad, gradstds ireland, study, senior, science, music, social science
National Geographic Young Explorers Grant

Research in conservation.

undergrad, gradstds, science, postugrad research, conservation, wildlife, nature, environment
NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowship

For individuals who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering.

science, gradstds, postugrad science, engineering,
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Research fellowships for current graduate students and those in the process of applying for graduate study.

gradstds, science, postugrad science, engineering, math, biology, social, behavior, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, research, graduate study
NYC Urban Fellows Program

For graduating seniors/recent grads interested in local government & public service.

service, intern, alum, senior, postugrad new york, government, urban, city, community
Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship

Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

undergrad, intern, postugrad sophomore, junior, senior, foreign, international, london, paris, washington,
Pardada Pardadi Education Society

Opportunity to volunteer at a girls vocational school in India.

postugrad india, teach, education, service
Payne International Development Fellowship

Graduate study and entry in the Foreign Service.

postugrad, gradstds graduate, international, department of state, USAID, study, need, minority, foreign service
Peace Corps Master

Combines graduate study with service in the Peace Corps.

alum, gradstds, science, postugrad master's, international, service, travel
Philly Fellows

Year-long paid internship for graduating seniors

Princeton in Africa

Year-long fellowships in Africa for recent graduates.

postugrad, intern africa, intern, service, health, education, teaching
Princeton in Asia

Year-long service fellowships throughout Asia.

intern, postugrad asia, Cambodia, China/Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam
Princeton in Latin America

One-year service positions in Latin America

postugrad, intern latin, america, chile, brazil, guatemala, el salvador, peru, costa rica, mexico
Project Horseshoe Farm

One-year fellowship & leadership training program focusing on community mental health and education services.

postugrad, summer, internship service, summer, seniors, freshman, sophomore, junior, heathcare, mental health, education, MHS
Rhodes Scholarship

Graduate study at Oxford University.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

science, postugrad, gradstds, socsci oxford, graduate study, graduate, master
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship

Supports international interests at all levels.

alum, undergrad, postugrad sophomore, junior, senior, travel, study, abroad, march, april,
Rotary Peace Fellowship

International Studies in peace and conflict resolution.

alum, gradstds, postugrad peace, international, conflict, thailand, duke, japan, argentina, australia, england
Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

$15,000 public service scholarship for a graduating senior.

Schwarzman Scholars

Graduate study in China open to students from all countries.

postugrad international, china, graduate, public policy, economics, business, Tsinghua, Beijing, Master
Scoville Peace Fellowship

Fellowship in public interest/activism.

alum, postugrad peace, nonprofit, public, security
Southern Education Leadership Initiative

Summer leadership development program focused on educational equality in the South

postugrad, gradstds, intern, senior, summer non-profit, south, social, justice, social justice, education policy, education, policy, summer, junior, senior, graduate,
Spanish Government Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships in Spain.

alum, gradstds, postugrad senior, alum, alumni, teaching, Spain, Spanish, education, ESL, international education
Teach for America

Teaching opportunities for students from any discipline.

postugrad teach, high, school, elementary,
Teaching Abroad

International teaching opportunities for new graduates and professional teachers.


gradstds, postugrad teaching, teach, education, international, abroad, japan, secondary, elementary, english, latin america, greece, india, africa, china, korea, spain, austria, france,
Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship

For those applying for graduate school leading to a career in Foreign Affairs

undergrad, intern, postugrad international, political, economic, analysis, administration, management, policy, Foreign Service, Department of State
Tylenol Future Care Scholarship Program

For undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education in healthcare.

undergrad, grad, postugrad medicine, graduate, health, nursing
Vanderbilt Medical School Funding Resource List

List of organizations that support health care education and research.


gradstds, postugrad, research medicine, health, education, nursing, research,
Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice

One year post-graduate fellowship in health-care justice.

postugrad social, justice, health, care, advocacy, medicare, medicaid, insurance, policy
Wattles Fellowship at Lloyd

For women at Vanderbilt who would like to live and work in London for a year after graduation.


postugrad women, london, senior, intern, work, experience
Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice

Post-undergraduate internship in health care policy.

postugrad black, African, Latino, Asian, social, justice, health, policy
White House Fellows

Early career professionals

alum, postugrad government, washington, white house, president, politics
Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship

Graduate study for teachers in science and math.

postugrad, gradstds, science cience, technology, engineering, mathematics, teaching, Indiana, urban, rural