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These are but a few of the many research fellowships available. Students should consult with their advisers for guidance on locating field-specific funding sources. Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences may also consult with Marion Pratt in the College of Arts and Science Grants Resources Office

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Name Description
Boren Fellowships

Intensive language study for graduate students.

gradstds mandarin, japanese, russian, japan, china, russia, africa, israel, portuguese, arabic, fall, spring, summer, , Akan, Twi, Wolof, Zulu, French, Portuguese, Swahili,graduate, hindi, urdu, india
Boren Scholarships

Intensive language study for undergraduates

science, undergrad, gradstds, summer, intern mandarin, ROTC, japanese, russian, japan, china, russia, africa, israel, portuguese, arabic, fall, spring, summer, STEM, undergraduate, Akan, Twi, Wolof, Zulu, French, Portuguese, Swahili,graduate, hindi, urdu, india
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Dissertation fellowship for students from underrepresented groups in academia.

gradstds, minority, spgrp graduate. PhD, academic
Fulbright Fellowships

For graduating seniors and graduate students. Applications are due around mid-September each year. Vanderbilt endorsement required for all currently enrolled students.

senior, gradstds, alum, postugrad, science english, graduate, medicine, science, education, study, graduate school, business, MBA, ireland, deaf, music, master, public, health, water, journalism, music, research, teaching, mexico, netherlands, ESL, australia, africa, nursing, medicine,
Greenlining Leadership Academy

Public policy leadership development programs in California.

intern, gradstds, minority, postugrad law, summer, leader, research, advocacy, think, civil rights, minority, low-income,
Hertz Foundation

Supports PhD study in the applied sciences.

science, alum, gradstds graduate, science, alumni, physical, biology, engineering, chemistry, Aeronautics, Math, statistics, computer, earth, electrical, mechanical, materials, quantitative, biomedical
Hewlett Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Dissertation Fellowship in Population, Reproductive Health, and Economic Development.

IAF Latin America and Caribbean Research Grant PhD students at dissertation writing stage. gradstds
ISI Fellowship Program

Support teaching, projects and research focused on Western Civilization.

gradstds american, history, america, teaching, internship,
Japan Student Services Organization

Scholarships for teaching, study and internships in Japan.

undergrad, gradstds, postugrad japan, japanese, study, summer, semester
John Heinz Dissertation Award

Award for dissertation addressing social insurance policy questions.

Josephine de Karman Fellowship

Open to rising seniors and PhD candidates, including international students, in any discipline.

gradstds, undergrad, ugradresearch, gradresearch
Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace

For the study of Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

intern, gradstds, undergrad, alum, summer summer, language, graduate, undergraduate, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation

Student/recent grads who plan to teach high school math or science.

science, alum, gradstds education, teaching, science, math, biology, chemistry, physics
Language Intensives

Funding for language study.

undergrad, gradstds
Leopold Schepp Academic Scholarship

Need-based scholarship for current academic study.

undergrad, gradstds undergraduate, freshman, sophomore, junior, need, graduate, financial, aid
Luce Scholars Program

Work and travel in Asia.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

alum, gradstds, postugrad alum, asia, japan, china, taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, thailand, india, work, intern, indonesia, bangladesh
Marshall Scholarships

Graduate study in the UK.
Vanderbilt endorsement required.

postugrad, science, alum, gradstds united kingdom, graduate, study, research
Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program Open to Graduate and Post-Graduate students. gradstds, science
Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research

Research in the Humanities using original sources.

gradstds dissertation, phd, graduate
Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Supports a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and related social sciences in the last year of Ph.D. dissertation writing.

gradstds humanities, social sciences, dissertation, PhD, international, research
Mitchell Scholarships

Study in Ireland.

science, alum, postugrad, gradstds ireland, study, senior, science, music, social science
NASA Graduate Fellowships science, gradstds science, gradstds, women, minority, black, hispanic, native, PhD, master, STEM, math, physics, engineering
NASA Programs science, undergrad, intern, gradstds alumni, science, engineering, physics, math, civil service, federal, government
National Academy for Social Insurance

Summer internships in social policy.

undergrad, gradstds, intern non-profit, insurance, disability, health, care, research
National Geographic Young Explorers Grant

Research in conservation.

undergrad, gradstds, science, postugrad research, conservation, wildlife, nature, environment
NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowship

For individuals who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering.

science, gradstds, postugrad science, engineering,
NIH Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program

PhD in Biomedical Research.

science, alum,gradstds, senior, med
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Research fellowships for current graduate students and those in the process of applying for graduate study.

gradstds, science, postugrad science, engineering, math, biology, social, behavior, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, research, graduate study
Payne International Development Fellowship

Graduate study and entry in the Foreign Service.

postugrad, gradstds graduate, international, department of state, USAID, study, need, minority, foreign service
Peace Corps Master

Combines graduate study with service in the Peace Corps.

alum, gradstds, science, postugrad master's, international, service, travel
Rhodes Scholarship

Graduate study at Oxford University.
Vanderbilt nomination required.

science, postugrad, gradstds, socsci oxford, graduate study, graduate, master