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The Interview

Many of the scholarship competitions require one or more face-to-face interviews between candidates and selection committees, often after a preliminary elimination round. These interviews are in anticipation always anxiety-producing affairs but they often turn out to be enjoyable, even entertaining conversations and are invariably rich and maturing educational experiences. Each is unique, unpredictable, and impossible retrospectively to decode. But over the years certain patterns, styles and expectations have emerged from candidates’ reports on their interviews, and collectively these enable our construction of general guidelines to assist preparation. It is not only possible to prepare for your interview; it is mandatory that you do so. The objective of such preparation, however, is not to meet some universally applicable standard of acceptability; the counsel below should not be viewed or used as a “program” for winning. The aim of your preparation is the expression and representation of your self at its individual best.

  1. Attire
  2. Arrival
  3. Interview Team
  4. Duration
  5. Your Competition
  6. Introduction
  7. Body Language
  8. Listen
  9. Response
  10. Demeanor
  11. Know Your Essay(s)
  12. Questions
  13. Know The News
  14. Exit
  15. Reception
  16. Last Words