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The Career Center has been charged to make decisions as to who will be nominated to apply for scholarships in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Foundations involved on behalf of Vanderbilt University. I understand that decisions regarding institutional nominations are final and non-negotiable.

If selected for nomination, I request that the Career Center at Vanderbilt University prepare and submit an evaluation/endorsement to be sent in support of my application for the scholarship program to which I am applying, in accordance with the requirements of the Foundation involved. In order to prepare this evaluation/endorsement, I understand that all parts of my application and transcript will be reviewed by Vanderbilt faculty and staff designated to participate in the evaluation process.

I understand that it is an honor and a privilege to be nominated by Vanderbilt for a national scholarship competition. I acknowledge that both my personal reputation and the reputation of the University can be affected by the manner in which I represent myself and Vanderbilt. I will do everything within my control to safeguard my good name and that of Vanderbilt throughout this award competition. In submitting an application for consideration, I will certify that all of the information I include in my scholarship application, including listings of activities and awards, research undertaken or planned, and all statements and essays, are my own work and are accurate and honest to the best of my knowledge.

All scholar candidates are required to submit a Statement of Understanding in order to be supported for national and international scholarship competitions by the Vanderbilt University. Please open this statement, review it carefully, save it to your hard drive, print it, sign it, and submit it to the Career Center prior to beginning work on your scholarship application.