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A Very Shanghai Summer

Oct. 26, 2011—As an associate editor intern of TALK magazine, 30% of my time is spent doing research, 15% is spent contacting people that I need information from to write my articles, 30% is spent actually writing the articles, 15% is spent preparing interview questions and interviewing people, and 10% is spent have fun at restaurant openings, store openings, and fashion shows.

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Dominican Republic: Working in Schools and Orphanages

Oct. 26, 2011—I spent eight weeks in the Dominican Republic, working with Kids Alive, a humanitarian organization that builds schools and orphanages around the world for at-risk children.

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Studying European Political Economy in London

Oct. 26, 2011—Having the opportunity to visit the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and attend the 50th anniversary of the OECD Forum was an experience that I will never forget.

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Summer Enrichment: Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Jul. 7, 2011—I spent 13 weeks at an internship with Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC). SNC is the nuclear power division of the electric utility company Southern Company.

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