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Studying European Political Economy in London

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in Summer Programs.

Having the opportunity to visit the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and attend the 50th anniversary of the OECD Forum was an experience that I will never forget. The OECD, a think tank and forum for countries committed to democracy and the market economy, was originally intended to administer aid from the Marshall Plan post-World War II. It is amazing to witness the growth of an organization that technically has no authority but represents the best the developed world has to offer in terms of economic development. It was unbelievable to be a part of a conference whose short guest list included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the heads of state of Chile, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Austria, France, Japan, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Korea, Norway, and the European Commission. In addition to witnessing the unveiling of the Better Life Index, which replaces the Human Development Index, I was able to see economic cooperation at its best and celebrate the development of economic policy over the past 50 years alongside the world’s most prominent financial leaders. We were only one of two groups from academic institutions invited to participate. I am very grateful that having a Vanderbilt education carries so much weight worldwide.

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